Saturday, August 9, 2008

Time for a Post

I figured it was about time I made a new post. I've given up waiting for something really startling to blog about so I'll just web log about ordinary stuff. Our gas central heating unit is still not fixed so we are still cold. The open fire and the little blow heater are stopping the lounge room from turning into an icebox - but only just.I'm also wearing lots of layers of clothing so I suppose that's what we should always do instead of burning off more fossil fuels. We're hell bent on self destruction I suppose.
I went swimming this morning - I'm a bit obsessive about swimming 20 laps two times a week - which is 2ks a week. I'm quite quietly proud about that actually. It's the sort of physical endurance feat I never thought I could do when I was a young person. I used to do lots of dance / calisthenics as a young person which kept me pretty fit but now I swim.
We've planned a 10 day holiday in Tasmania- going with my much younger brother and his wife so that'll be fun. We were supposed to share a Turkish holiday together last year but my brother was too busy and couldn't make it. He's an immigration lawyer and does some great things for distressed people. Anyway, my sister-in-law was still able to travel around turkey with us for 3 weeks.She is actually Turkish / Kurdish and was over there anyway working on her thesis for her PHD.She was a lovely travel companion for us and an invaluable translator - especially when my husband wanted to track down his family roots in a little town outside of Ismere.
At the moment I'm wading through Year 11 essays analysing persuasive language. Some of the students understand the process well and others just don't get it. They want to summarize what the article is about rather than identify the persuasive techniques and discuss how these devices position the reader. We'll have to do a lot more practice. Well I might go and watch some Olympic sporting event but you should check out the ad that channel 7 refused to run.

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