Sunday, August 10, 2008

A Rainy Day in all sorts of ways

It's my precious day off and I'm trying to make the most of it. Wading through a pile of year 11 essays on language analysis is no guarantee of cheer. I suppose the process of analysing written and visual persuasive language and describing the most likely effect on the reader is a skill some people never master - hence the popularity of tabloids. But I also did not prepare my students thoroughly enough - the preparation time was rushed and they didn't do enough practice runs. Some of the stronger students have produced reasonable discussions but the majority? - Let's just say we'll need to do more practice - certainly before they hit year 12.
It's been raining continuously which is exactly the type of rain we need to break the drought - but it's very dreary and cold. At least the guys are here to fix our heater at last.There are all sorts of noises emanating from beneath the house where they're working.
There's bad news for my daughter's pregnancy. In the last 3 days there have been ominous signs that all is not progressing well. She will have a blood test today so hopefully she will know for sure. She is only 10 weeks pregnant and of course lots of people have experienced this heartache - but it's hard to cop. My daughter's 2 older children are very sad -particularly her 9 year old. I think it's the loss of the idea that hurts the most.

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