Saturday, July 19, 2008

School's back in

Survived the first week back at school which is always a challenge after a break. Routine is a comfort we take for granted until we have a break from it. Anyway, I have started 3 different classes blogging! This is my exciting achievement for the moment. I have 2 classes working in 21 classes and one class in Edublogger.

However, I must say I'm finding Edublogger a headache - it's clunky and obscure compared to the much more amenable 21classes platform. Edubloggers has a tremendous array of support backups but they certainly need them - there seems lots of little quirks and tricky aspects. But I am determined to stick with Edubloggers for this one class - I've spent so many hours trying to work it out that I don't want to throw it all in now!

My students' reactions have varied. My most challenging class - a remedial yr8 seem quite engrossed during their blogging session. Some of my clever little year 7's are struggling a bit with the concept and have questioned why they need to have computer skills in English. This response is slightly infuriating but I just remain calm and explain how they will come to appreciate the opportunity to share their views online / comment on others and build up their own web spaces. Funnily enough my 16 year old year 10's seem the most flummoxed by the whole blogging experience. They know nothing! I thought I was the old newb. But, it's early days and I won't let little hiccups dampen my new found enthusiasm.

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