Sunday, July 27, 2008

A cold July night.

Our central heating has broken down so we are experiencing a cold Melbourne night in July. I am sitting under the doona as I write this in an effort to keep warm but my nose is freezing!
However, I was fortunate enough tonight to partake in another amazing meeting with the OzNZ Educators group. Every Sunday 20 or so teacher-type folk put on their headsets and adjust their webcams and prepare for an interesting discussion. Tonight's topic was based on a member's blog entry in which she observed how the "e" tag placed on learning etc has blown out of proportion. We have become obsessed with ethis and ethat and have lost sight of what's really effective in teaching today's children.Anyway you can read her blog for yourself if you follow the link.
I helped my 9year old grandson create his own blog today. He hasn't put much in it yet but he would be very thrilled if you dropped in to visit. I'll insert a clustrmap so he'll know if you've been there

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