Thursday, July 3, 2008

a Peanut butter wiki for year 11

I've been putting together a pbwiki for Year 11. I've posted up a lot of resources on the play, Freedom of the City by Brian Friel and some study questions. Of course, it's meant to be a collaborative enterprise so I've emailed the other yr11 English teachers and they can add or change things as they wish. I was following a link posted by Jo McLeay who is still over in Texas doing the NECC thing but still thinks of us living our prosaic lives down under and looking for inspirations in the antipodes. I am quite pleased with myself actually and even managed to insert some bubble share slide shows from images I pilfered from Google - which reminds me I will have to acknowledge their origin. anyway, you can check out my pbwiki (free) at and make any suggestions if you feel so inclined.

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