Sunday, January 18, 2009

Goodnight sweetheart, goodnight

"Goodnight sweetheart" was the song performed at my grandmother's funeral by my son and daughter as we finally said goodbye to Daisy - 107 years and 8 months after she had first drawn breath. As I had written in the entry below, her death was a merciful release to a life that had become tedious and painful, but what a life! Up until about 4 years ago, Daisy was still taking a keen interest in life and she had been an amazing person in her prime. Here is a short extract from the words I offered at her funeral:
We’ll always remember ma for her enterprising and resourceful approach to life. She always found a way around a challenge and her busy and active mind and artistic hands were rarely idle. She was a clever and astute person with a strong sense of the entrepreneurial. I’ll leave it to my brother Peter to elaborate on some of these qualities in his tribute to ma but I’d like to relate a story that conveys ma’s strong sense of personal justice. She had recently met a handsome and strong young shearer by the name of Sam Walker who took her home to meet his mother. Mrs Walker, not one for delicate niceties, remarked to Daisy that she should have seen Sam’s previous girlfriend who really had some class about her. Daisy retorted, “Well, she wouldn’t fit in here would she? ” Needless to say, Daisy’s relationship with her future mother in law never became a particularly close one.
You’ve probably all heard the story of ma’s cheeky contribution to the republican debate – but I’ll just remind you of it. When asked by her carers at the Clarinda Centre would she like to apply for a telegram from the queen on the occasion of her 100th b’day, ma replied, “Bugger the queen, what’s she ever done for me? ”

The collection of photos you see in the bubbleshare was put together in a U-lead type presentation on a DVD to the accompaniment of "Daisy Daisy, give me your answer do" and we played songs from The Andrews Sisters as people entered the chapel. The organization of the funeral mainly fell to me but I was happy with the result and pleased to be able to use my technology skills to help with the celebration of my grandmother's life.

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jennylu said...

A lovely tribute to your Grandmother Pam. She sounds like a remarkable woman. It sounds like you sent her off in style! (I wonder if her mother-in-law would have approved)