Thursday, January 22, 2009

7 things Meme

Woops! I complained at the Bloggers Feast last night (La Camera, southbank, Melb.) that nobody had tagged me for the 7 things meme and my best buddy and web guru suzi tapp informed me that she had tagged me - and I hadn't read her blog carefully enough to notice! Even though I have listed her blog as a blog I read.So my cover has been blown. I'm only a tryhard blogger, not the genuine article - not that anyone said that, they were too polite. so anyway, here I go, a little bit of self indulgence down memory lane!
1. When I was 4yrs old I fell off the bikeshed roof into the chookyard and broke and dislocated my elbow. It took 3 operations to correct the damage,forcibly breathing in chloroform for the anaeasthetic - I had nightmare about it for years.
2. When I was 7yrs old my QLD family and I moved down to cold old Melbourne to live - Dad had a transfer and promotion with the Bankers and Traders Insurances Assessors.
3. At 10 years of age I badly wanted to be a ballerina, started calisthenics at the local church and joined a trampolining club where I learnt lots of tricks.My "tramp" teacher Mr Nick, also encouraged my singing and used to get me to perform songs at various events.
4. I simply adored calisthenics and continued to participate in competitions until after the birth of my 3rd child at age 35yrs.
5.My love of dancing and singing led me to get VERY involved with a number of school musicals over the years.
6.I met my husband when I was 16yrs at the Moorabbin Town Hall old time dancing, married 5 years later and have just notched up 36 years of marriage - omg!
7. I've been teaching English in the same high school for the last 20 years and am grateful for the advent of digital technology that has sparked up my pedagogy a little.
Now I tag Nina Davis, Lisa Dumicich, Marie jose Mills, Leigh Knight, Maya Abeyratne, Helen Evans plus 1 other that I still have to work out.


Lois said...

Now that I've read your meme and met you at the bloggers' feast I feel I know you a little better. The story about your broken elbow sounds horrible.One of those things you would rather not think about. I guess they did a good job of repairing the damage to your elbow if you were able to do calisthenics for all that time.

Anonymous said...

Wow, the things you learn about people. I think we learn more from writing than meeting in person. By the way, I was going to tag you, but you were already tagged (I think).