Sunday, February 17, 2008

Today is Monday and my day off for the week. I have been relatively productive although the idea is to rest and not do too much. Trying to sort out the new Yr 11 English course is a bit of a headache. This emphasis on students using their text as an inspiration for their Writing Folio can be riddled with pitfalls and invite very waffly responses. We're doing the lyrics of Paul Kelly (wonderful Australian singer/songwriter) with the theme Passion and Protest. Students will be asked to write in various styles about subjects they feel passionate about and or want to protest about using these songs sa a starting point. There are actually lots of ideas generated from the Kelly lyrics ranging from indigenous issues to relationship complications, love of place or cricket icons.
Anyway, for my day off I have been thinking a bit about school stuff as well as doing a bit of cleaning up around the garden (never ending). Oh, and had a marvellous sleep in which didn't happen over the weekend. So it's not all hard work. Must go now and do some shopping before dinner.


sujokat said...

that Man thinks we aren't worth the money , but here we are doing work out of hours and we never stop thinking about what we do. Now you are getting the hang of it pammie Great effort, just try and do it regularly :)

Rash Kath said...

Great start
With sharing your teaching experience and knowledge of subject you can add to the vast ocean of knowledge. If you want to share your knowledge /ideas and expertise with other teachers, then blog and join a social network of passionate teachers
I always appreciate people specially teachers who are ready to share what they know .

Jo McLeay said...

Pam, it's great that you are blogging and I know exactly what you mean about the new year 11 English course. We are doing representations of Australia and Australians and are using the Divine Wind as the set text. I am always trying different ways to extend their thinking but that gets them away from the text as literature I find. Thank you for helping me extend my thinking.

loonyhiker said...

I hope your writing experiences are successful and the students enjoy it. Enjoy your day off too!