Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Strike Day - all for a good cause

I was contemplating doing the right thing and attending the rally but I piked. I was tempted by my friend to have a shopping day instead. not very wise as I am losing money today so I shouldn't be splashing it around. however we went into a factory whare house in abbotsford and picked up some amazing price reductions. Had a pleasant lunch in Carlton too. Can't see us getting our much needed pay rise in a hurry however.
Still feeling great about the apology yesterday. We were given permission to bring our classes down to the Library and watch it on the big screen. Our library was just as hushed and reverential as Parliament house. hopefully our kiddies appreciated the significance of the occasion. As our former GG Dean commented to Kerry O'Brien later, it is certainly the first step in a long drawn out process. Marvellous to see that photo in The Age of the ex PM's and lovely Malcolm. totally appropriate that Howard stayed away.

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