Saturday, November 1, 2008

A Long Weekend

The photo was taken around 1954 -when I was three years old - that's me in my father's arms. We were off the The Mackay Show. I have Queensland roots - came to Melbourne when I was 7 years old. I was showing my brother Stephen (the younger of my 2 brothers) that photo tonight and he wanted a copy so I scanned it so now I have a digital copy of an ancient pic!
I'm feeling just slightly liberated with a stretch of time in front of me - facilitated by a public holiday - to celebrate a horse race, no less. Yes, dear old Melbourne town, Australia, actually has a public holiday to watch horse races - The Melbourne Cup. Does any other place in the world have such a holiday? Anyway,I'm not complaining. Tagged on to my day off, I have a 4 day break! but of course, I've got plenty to do - year 11 essays to mark on the film, Beneath Clouds by Aussi, part indigenous guy, Ivan Sen.
I've also got a big project I've been working on coming to fruition in a couple of weeks - the Year 9 activity - The Night of the Notable My job is to coordinate this event and it is coming along okay - but it will be a relief to have it behind me.
Been watching an excellent program on SBS called First Australians -totally recommend it.

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