Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Turkish Memories

The slideshow below shows some snippets from our Turkish holiday - taken last year. Seems a lifetime ago. We started off in Istanbul and made our way down the west coast - Cannakale, Troy, Avyalik, Foca, Izmir - here we researched and discovered the location of the village where my husband's family came from - Kouklouja - now called something else. His family were Greeks who made a forced exodus in the 1920's, lived in Egypt for 30 years and came to Melbourne in the 1950's.
We loved Turkey, the ruins at Ephesus are amazing, the seaside town of Cesme, enchanting.People everywhere were helpful and hospitable. For 3 out of the 5 weeks my Kurdish / Turkish sister-in-law travelled with us. She was doing field work on a PHD and visiting a sick nephew and it was a wonderful coincidence that she was there at the same time as us. Of course she was a marvellous interpreter, especially when we visited old Koulouja and she was able to explain to the locals who we were.

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